How to Avoid Lead Leakage

At ReachLocal – an online marketing services company catering to small business – the mantra is “Don’t leak leads.” And that’s good advice for business owners investing more and more money in online marketing only to have large chunks of leads slip away. If you don’t have an engaging website that turns visits into leads, […]

10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Investors

Seeking money for a start-up from friends, family, angel investors, venture capitalists or lenders is an exercise fraught with pitfalls. Many first-time entrepreneurs approach it with great optimism and belief in their business idea, only to fall flat on their face. Reasons vary, but often it’s just that the entrepreneur hasn’t taken the time to […]

4 Steps for Getting More Leads from Facebook

Facebook has proven to be a great source of new customers for millions small businesses. But many business owners are not using Facebook to its fullest lead generation potential. For one thing, Facebook has added new features that make it more useful for small firms. First understand there are two basic ways to have a […]

The Right Way to Reject a Job Candidate

Most small businesses today know about the importance of online reputation and the power of social media to help or hurt that reputation. Dozens of websites and rating services, from the majors such as Yelp, Twitter and Facebook to those serving specific business sectors such as travel, are open for anyone to express an opinion. […]

7 Cornerstones of Small Business Success

Only about one of every 10 businesses started will reach a 10th anniversary and most failures happen within the first few years. Lots can go wrong: an ill-conceived business idea, poor planning or execution, bad business model, lack of capital, ineffective leadership, and poor location, among others. But business owners who succeed know how to […]

Why Business Owners are Adopting Digital Marketing

Small business owners are a practical bunch. So when it comes to digital marketing – websites, search ads, digital banners, email, mobile ads, and others – they approach it with a decidedly practical bent. “Generating leads and sales is very important to us,” says Jack Groot, owner of JP’s Coffee & Espresso Bar in Holland, […]

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    8 Essentials of a Successful Social Media Plan

    Social media has become a vital piece of marketing for small businesses. But many lack a specific strategy for using social media and end up with a scatter-shot approach that lacks punch. This misses a major opportunity to engage with customers and prospects and manage the business’s online reputation. “Without a social media strategy, how […]

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