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Keeping Time and Attendance in the Cloud

A BizBest® 60-Second Solution

Time and attendance systems are one of the most searched-for services by small businesses.  And some of today’s best choices are cloud based services that work especially well for business owners who use remote workers, independent contractors or others off-site.

If that’s you, and you need a service you can log into at any time and see when your workers punched in for the day, Labor Time Tracker (LTT) is one solution to consider. It’s an easy-to-use, web-based (cloud computing) employee time and attendance service that uses either plain old phone punching (regular telephone service) or an Internet-connected PC to track time for a small or medium sized business.

LTT replaces hand written time sheets and helps decentralized (mobile) employees punch in their time using a standard phone or any internet enabled device.  It’s a fast and smart way to track employee or contractor time for job costing as well as payroll.  It’s also a great “time clock” for field labor and other employees in industries such as healthcare, construction, government, janitorial and security guards services. What’s more, the system is in both English and Spanish.

Features of this low-cost system rival those of more expensive time and attendance solutions and software used by big companies. It was built for the web from the ground up, so it’s super fast. Other features include:

  • Unique in/out board lets you know where employees are and when they will return
  • Can be used for 1 employee to hundreds
  • Can accommodate multiple locations
  • Offers multiple access levels and security features
  • Auto-adjusts for daylight time
  • Supports all US and international time zones
  • Employees and supervisors can digitally sign and approve timecards and export to accounting or payroll
  • Notice posting lets you send messages to individual employees or entire groups
  • Allows punch-in from any computer, or via cell or land line phone
  • Rounds punches to nearest minute, 10th or quarter hour
  • Prevents workers from punching outside schedule
  • Automatically deducts lunch minutes from a timecard and/or adds payable break minutes to timecard
  • Accommodates multiple in/out punches daily

The cost is $4.95 per employee, per month.  And since it’s cloud based, there are no setup fees, license fees, training fees, support fees or contracts.  A free trial is available at the website.

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