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Boost Biz with a Wireless Photo Memory Card

Local businesses – from doggie day care to flower shops – are gaining an edge over “the big guys” with a new wireless photo delivery device that lets them share images instantly with customers by using a digital camera in a different way.  Eye-Fi is being billed as the first-ever wireless memory card. Eye-Fi looks just like any memory card you pop into your digital camera, except this one comes with built-in Wi-Fi that uses your wireless network to transfer photos and videos to your PC, website, and photo sharing services or just about anywhere you want. Photos and videos can land in selected folders too, so your images are organized effortlessly.

Here’s how three local business owners are using Eye-Fi’s wireless uploads, endless photo storage and (almost) universal digital camera compatibility to help run their businesses better:

  • Joseph Gianni’s passion for animals inspired him to open his doggie day care business in Chicago. He uses his Eye-Fi card to take pictures of people’s pets and wirelessly upload them to his site so customers can see Fido having a great time while they are at work or enjoying their vacation.
  • Phoenix business owner Scott Overman travels from street festivals to grand events for his custom T-shirt printing business called Wear it Now! At each event he uses his Eye-Fi card to snap pictures of people to go on a shirt. The photos travel from his camera to his computer for the customer to view and approve the image on the spot, allowing him to sell more shirts and gain new customers.
  • When Pennsylvania florist shop owners Rich Dudley and his wife found out they were having a baby, they worried about running the shop and caring for their newborn.  The Eye-Fi card is helping them do both. Rich snaps a picture of the flower arrangement he’s working on and by turning on his camera the images fly directly to his wife’s computer at home, where she’s able to share her feedback.

Eye-Fi cards come in different versions starting at $49.95.