What You Should Know About Pheed

First off, no whining about yet another social media site – even if it is one that gives you a way to directly make money from it (assuming you have content or clout that people will pay for).

Here are the basics:  Pheed is a new social platform created by a group of tech and entertainment entrepreneurs in Los Angeles that “soft launched” (biz speak for “we’re not sure it’s fully baked and we have no money to promote it anyway) October 12, 2012.  It has many similarities to Twitter and other social sites (they use the same @YourName and channel “hashtag” conventions, along with “timelines”), and the game is to get subscribers, while posting your own Pheeds and subscribing to channels you like.

But there are some important differences as well.

While Pheed lets you post the usual text (albeit longer than Tweets), photos and videos, it spices things up with new stuff like voice notes, audio clips and even live broadcasting.  A few Hollywood celebs were first to jump in, in part because Pheed gives them (and you) the option of charging people a monthly subscription fee to view what you post. If you have the clout to pull that off, great.

You can also do live pay-per-view broadcast events or simply make your channels and Pheeds freely available to anyone.   You set the prices, and earn money directly, although Pheed takes a hefty half of any revenue.

Pheed makes it clean and easy to open a Pheed channel by signing up with an existing Facebook or Twitter account. Mine was up and running in minutes (posting is a cinch), although I have no clue where it could lead.  For now, the flavor of Pheed is decidedly about celebrities of one fashion or another. But that could change.


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