Best App to Record Calls on a Smart Phone

If you or your business ever need to record phone calls from an iPhone or other smart phone, filtering the options for doing so can be frustrating. Trust me.  I just did it.  But with help from my Stanford-student son, we came up with a clear winner that’s low-cost, easy to setup and use, and produced fast, high-quality results.

Our BizBest 60-Second solution winner in this category is an app called “Record Phone Calls” Pro edition  (uninspiring name perhaps, but certainly descriptive) from Blue Square Group LLC ($9.99 from iTunes store or other app download sites).

How it Works

I started this search thinking there’d be a simple solution that would allow calls to be recorded directly on the phone for free.  No such luck. Smart phones don’t support this. They way most apps work is by establishing a third-party call to a recording service that creates a digital recording of the your call and then either emails it to you or allows you to access the audio file online. While some charge per-minute fees, this app does not. So while you pay a little more to get the app, it’s way cheaper in the long run.

Records Both Outgoing and Incoming Calls

What’s more, some apps will only let you record outgoing calls, but not incoming. With Pro, you can do both. Be careful to follow the instructions for setup.  You need to register your cell phone number, obtain a local access number (from a list of access numbers available worldwide), make that number a contact in your phone, and provide an email address so they can send you the recordings of your calls.

Basically, it’s just like setting up a 3-way call — only in this case, the third-party is a service that records your conversation. You can set it up before you call someone; or place an incoming call on hold briefly while you connect to the recorder via your access number.  In all cases, it’s recommended you inform the other party the call is being recorded, both as a courtesy, and for legal purposes (not doing so is illegal in some states).

Tests Worked Flawlessly

We tested both outgoing and incoming recording, and they worked flawlessly. Audio files were emailed in less than a minute (although can take more time for longer conversations). A few frustrated buyers of this app have posted bad reviews, but from all appearances it’s simply because they didn’t follow the instructions. If you register properly, it’s really a snap.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Tried this ap – like it a lot. Works as advertised. Also, if you send in a support request, you get a 404 error message. Just ignore it – your request did go through (server glitch). I sent a request in at 12am on a Sunday morning and received a reply within 10 minutes!

  2. Christy says:

    I want to record my child’s conversations without him knowing. He’s 9, so he uses my phone. If a call comes in, I turn on the app & hand the phone to him, will he see its being recorded?

  3. Vernon Stanton says:

    I bought this app a few months ago, but I have changed phones. Do I have to pay for it again?

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