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ContentClout — a division of Los Angeles-based BizBest Media Corp. — is a content marketing consultancy providing solutions and advice to enterprise clients, institutions, SMBs and startups in B2B and B2C. We help marketers become publishers so they can own the media instead of renting it. CC uses leading-edge content and social media marketing techniques to help brands attract and retain customers by creating, optimizing and distributing valuable, compelling and relevant content to change, maintain or accelerate behavior.

Daniel Kehrer, Founder & Managing Director, is a content marketing pioneer with 15+ years experience establishing content marketing initiatives across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention and leads. He is a digital media leader and innovator who combines a journalism, communications and publisher mindset with a marketing MBA (UCLA/Anderson), entrepreneurial passion and proven success. He has built & managed content marketing projects, platforms, departments, teams and strategies “from scratch to scale” in B2B/B2C for companies large and small, including a fast-growing Internet company ($22M>$60M in 2 years), a $4B public company, and others.

Daniel is an award-winning journalist and writer, as well as a business thought leader and social media influencer cited and published in such places as The New York Times, MSNBC, Social Media Today and many others. His article on why Google Authorship & AuthorRank are game-changers for the social C-Suite was shared and tweeted thousands of times across the digital landscape.

Content-Marketing billboardCC services all phases of a content marketing effort, from initial planning to improving/scaling existing programs. We work with you to ensure your content strategy and efforts help support and achieve your business goals through a “convince and convert” approach…that the end-goals of the strategy are engagement and action, not just eyeballs…and that the means to achieving those goals is through smart creation/distribution of high-value content.

CC can help with:

  • Strategy: Mapping a content strategy that supports and extends marketing initiatives – both short- and long-term – while determining which methods work and why. Continuous evolution of strategy is a must.
  • Metrics: Identifying and using appropriate analytics tools to gauge content effectiveness. Make recommendations based on results and work with owners of particular content to measure and revise based on marketing goals.
  • Brand: Ensuring all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality, authenticity, integrity and voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels including online, social media, email, mobile, video, print and in-person.
  • Editorial: Developing a functional content matrix & calendar across all products, services & verticals. Includes leveraging market data to develop content themes/topics that support a point of view and educate customers in a way that inevitably leads back to the client as the best solution to the customers’ problems and pain points.
  • Team building: Building a content team (both internal and external); supervising writers, editors, content strategists and social media specialists; establishing best practices in messaging, writing, voice and style. Includes development of internal talent and expert personalities for video series, blogs, etc.
  • Compliance: Identify needs and solutions for SEC, FINRA, IIROC and FSA compliance if needed.
  • Vendor sourcing: Source and oversee any necessary third-party (production, metrics, design, technology) partners/vendors to ensure quality, schedule and budgetary needs.
  • Marketing integration: Integrating content activities and initiatives with traditional marketing campaigns to extend and amplify those efforts.
  • Systems/Standards: Developing standards, systems and best practices (both human and technological) for content creation, distribution, maintenance, retrieval and repurposing.
  • Workflow: Establishing workflow for requesting, creating, editing, optimizing, publishing and retiring content. Work with technical teams to implement appropriate CMS solutions.
  • Budgeting: Help establish a departmental budget.