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Free Online Desktop Sharing

The award-winning innovators at LogMeIn have created JoinMe – the simplest way yet to share your computer screen with somebody else.  For fast-moving small businesses, JoinMe could be a terrific timesaver. Tech nerds and IT consultants already know about LogMeIn, which offers services such as remote tech support and desktop control. But as a businessperson, how many times have you been on the phone telling someone where to go online, or wishing you could quickly show them a document, photo, spreadsheet or presentation right then, without having to email it or get them to correctly type in a URL? JoinMe is the answer.

 Think of it as an impromptu meeting that can happen anytime or anyplace, allowing you to get a second (third, fourth, fifth, etc.) pair of eyes on your info or ideas from across the hall — or across the ocean.  It’s sharing your screen instantly with anyone to get stuff done quickly.

At JoinMe you have two choices: Share or Join. Click “share” to download the necessary application (it’s small and quick) and you’re all set.  Give the access code to the others whom you want to join. That’s about it. The service is free and works like a dream.

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